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New exchange listing – Crex24

Hola, Dear XDNA community @everyone ! We're happy to announce a new backup exchange for XDNA -…

New exchange listing – Altilly

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Android wallet update

Hello   XDNA community !   XDNA team development update:  Android wallet Changed required…

What is XDNA?

XDNA is a digital crypto project, created to:



problems of existing altcoins



the ASICs invasion to the sphere of mining



a stable and profitable cryptocurrency for ALL miners



together in a chain the digital and the real worlds



as one of the top PoW crypto projects and hit a global TOP 100 in its 1st year

Main Features

XDNA is not just another coin


Innovative feature for dynamic change of block reward to save stable miners profit at any nethash size


Innovative multi-level masternodes concept — Triple Node Technology. Most interesting investment offer on the masternode market

XDNA Foundation

Cryptocurrency non-commercial charity fund to spread the charity across the world by using modern technologies


Team XDNA presents a novel hashing algorithm – HEX! The working principle of HEX is calculating the block hash with a pseudo-random sequence of 16 different algorithms (kernels)

Current Tasks

This is a short list of tasks that our team is working on at the moment.Tasks are divided into 5 areas - switch between them to see them all!
Full roadmap

2018 Q3

Listing on Exchange #1 (top50)
New algorithm HEX
Listing on Blockfolio
Listing on Getdelta
Lisitng on MN monitoring services

Since public release of XDNA project we will do our best to provide the XDNA community with an exchange, not a major but a solid one

For maximizing decentralization and ASIC/FPGA resistance

Increase network stability

Announce 1st partner from a non-digital charity fund

After the project release we will start negotiations with promising charity partners

Website development

To make it easier and official we will make a comfortable platform for our clients like an online shop, there they can choose any options which our crew could provide.

Start advertising campaign, lvl 1

Start a bounty campaign.
Start of massive contest games for community with XDNA rewards

Technical specifications

Name & ticker: XDNA
Consensus algorithm: PoW/POS
POW phase duration: 1440000 blocks
PoW block reward: Dynamic, 4-109 XDNA lowering by 6.94% every month during 24 months
Instamine protection: First 720 blocks
Hashing algorithm: HEX
Maximum XDNA total supply: 80,620,000
POS starting block: 1440001
POS block reward: 20 XDNA lowering by 1 every 525,600 blocks until block reward is 1 XDNA
POS block reward distribution: SeeSaw
Masternode reward system: T.N.T.
Light | Medium | Full masternode requirement: 1000 | 3000 | 5000 XDNA
Light | Medium | Full masternode reward: 5% | 15% | 25% of block reward
Masternode reward activation block: 7001
Premine: 971,712 XDNA (0.7% of POW total supply)
Blocksize: 1 MB
Blocktime average: 1 min (DGW3)
Number of transaction confirmations: 6
Maturity: 60 confirmations



Use a Graphics card in your PC or mining rigs


Your XDNA masternode gives you passive income


Engage in trade on official crypto-exchanges


Become a part of massive bounty campaign


1. Download and install the Wallet
2. Download a Miner
3. Choose a mining pool
4. Create a .bat file
5. Launch Mining!


1. Download and install the Wallet
2. Rent a VPS server
3. Get 1000/3000/5000 XDNA
4. Follow steps in the MN setup guide
5. Promote XDNA to increase your reward!


1. Register on an Exchange
2. Deposit BTC to your address
3. Go to «Markets»
4. Search for «BTC/XDNA» pair
5. Follow the steps in the exchange guide


1. Go to our official topic of bounty campaign
2. Read general rules
3. Registrate in any campaign out of 5 by filling the special form
4. Make weekly reports according to rules
5. Achieve your XDNA at the end of every 4th week.

Links & Downloads

XDNA Wallets

Update info:A wallet fix which greatly boosts blockchain sync time has been releasedXDNA Wallet 1.3.0






Mining Pools

XDNA Exchanges

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