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What is cryptocurrency?

– It is digital coins which based on blockchain technology, covered by cryptography and their value depends on supply & demand. As the popularity of digital assets has  increased, more people around the globe are turning towards cryptocurrency trading than ever before.  Today, lots of reliable trading  platforms are available to help out cryptocurrency traders. One such platform is Bitcoin Superstar. However,  before signing up with this platform traders will have to carry out the Bitcoin Superstar test to determine whether it is legitimate or not.
You can use it just like traditional money:

Pay for something

Trade for other assets

Use as investment tool

What is XDNA?

It is most modern cryptocurrency of 2018 for mass adoption.

4 Tech 



With XDNA you can:

Gain money with PoS* & Masternodes

Create or Upgrade your own Cryptocurrency

Help someone in need across the globe

Become a part of future with research programs

Invest your assets for sponsorships/patronage

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Main Features

XDNA is not just another coin


Innovative feature for dynamic change of block reward to save stable miners profit at any nethash size


Innovative multi-level masternodes concept — Triple Node Technology. Most interesting investment offer on the masternode market


Team XDNA presents a novel hashing algorithm – HEX! The working principle of HEX is calculating the block hash with a pseudo-random sequence of 16 different algorithms (kernels)

Task list 2019 H1

This is a short list of tasks that our team is working on at the moment.Tasks are divided into 5 areas – switch between them to see them all!



  • Find a sponsorship for XDNA project
  • Registrate XDNA Foundation
  • Registrate XDNA Creation
  • Listing on CoinBase
  • Listing on Wirex
  • Release IOS Wallet
  • Optimize Android Wallet
  • Implement “1-click” MN installation to wallets
  • Optimize desktop wallets
  • Release new explorer
  • Release 2 new websites for domains



  • Optimize platfrom
  • Integrate oppotunity to generate 1click donations
  • Announce partnerships with offline Charity Foudnations
  • Hire two developers for futher platform development



  • Release a website for XDNA Creation
  • Registrate a legal entity for official contracts
  • Expand the list of services for customers



  • Announce a new philosophy of domain
  • Release a website for XDNA Research
  • Organize 1st research campaign
  • Announce partnerships with research foundations
  • Create a personal cab for user inside website



  • Create promo video for XDNA project
  • Organize a media campaign on crypto resources
  • Create a timeline for project releases
  • Make a complete rebranding of project
  • Make multilanguages websites
  • Organize meet ups with community
  • Participate in offline exhibitions

Technical specifications

Name & ticker: XDNA
Consensus algorithm: PoW/POS
POW phase duration: 1440000 blocks
PoW block reward: Dynamic, 4-109 XDNA lowering by 6.94% every month during 24 months
Instamine protection: First 720 blocks
Hashing algorithm: HEX
Maximum XDNA total supply: 80,620,000
POS starting block: 1440001
POS block reward: 20 XDNA lowering by 1 every 525,600 blocks until block reward is 1 XDNA
POS block reward distribution: SeeSaw
Masternode reward system: T.N.T.
Light | Medium | Full masternode requirement: 1000 | 3000 | 5000 XDNA
Light | Medium | Full masternode reward: 5% | 15% | 25% of block reward
Masternode reward activation block: 7001
Premine: 971,712 XDNA (0.7% of POW total supply)
Blocksize: 1 MB
Blocktime average: 1 min (DGW3)
Number of transaction confirmations: 6
Maturity: 60 confirmations

Links & Downloads

XDNA Wallets

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