Hello everyone :logo_XDNA: XDNA community !


:logo_XDNA: XDNA team excited to announce that our 1st :mobile_devices_15400: mobile wallet is released in google app store –

:Warning: This is only a first release and there will be some patches and improvements in near future. Don’t hesitate to send us your suggestion and leave any feedback, we will appreciate that :success:


Unfortunately, today we met another panic sell at our market by random XDNA holder.

We cannot judge people for their actions and maybe they was desperately needed fiat money, it’s already done. But we ask you to stay calm and be smarter.

We made a very huge work volume in Q4 2018, which will be shown as a results only in current quarter.

There is also lots of negotiations on the background of XDNA project and we will announce all this stuff then it will be 100% ready or make some sneak-peaks. All we need from you, our precious community is a bit faith in our team and some hope.

We didn’t gave up in previous periods and will not do it today too.

Stay strong with :logo_XDNA: XDNA!

Get some XDNA to your portfolio while it is cheap :wink: