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Listing on the Birake Network

Thanks to our cooperation with Bitdorado and Telos we got a listing on the Birake Network. This includes all Birake Network exchange partners. Now you can start trading cryptocurrency XDNA in a trading pair with Bitcoin on the decentralized exchange Bitdorado which are included Birake Network ecosystem.

XDNA celebrates its birthday!

Good day XDNA community!

Today, the XDNA crypto project turned 2 years old!

Our XDNA project was born at a time when the cryptocurrency industry is going through difficult times. But the XDNA project has withstood dignity and continues to evolve.

There will be a lot of new information this week:
– a new company development plan will be announced;
– new strategic goals will be identified;
– an update release date will be announced for the blockchain that fixes the reward issue.

To celebrate this birthday and give you a festive mood, we want to hold a festive Giveaway and play 10,000 XDNA coins (10 prizes of 1000 coins each)!

The draw will be held on our official twitter (

Good luck!!!

Announce a new collaboration between the XDNA project and the YUSRA Global

We are pleased to announce a new collaboration between the XDNA project and the YUSRA Global.

YUSRA Global is a successfully functioning ecosystem consisting of several decentralized services:
YUSRA MARKETPLACE – decentralized trading platform;
YUSRA P2P EXCHANGE – online exchanger based on P2P transactions;
YUSRA PAY is a payment system that allows you to pay for mobile services, television and the Internet directly for cryptocurrency.

The team plans to launch its own next-generation social network DOBRO 2.0, as well as the SMART Academy online training platform and the Fresh.Kavkaz travel portal.

Already today YUSRA Global is more than 7,700 active investors, and the project capitalization is more than $ 41,000,000
These results were achieved without presenting on global cryptocurrency trackers like coinmarketcap or coingecko!!!

XDNA team experience will be useful for YUSRA in their new marketing campaign with access to world exchanges. New marketing campaign which focused for global crypto-community area!
Artur Prints (Gunbit), CMO of XDNA, will help YUSRA as a main advisor in cryptocurrency domain!

In the future, a denser and more mutually beneficial collaboration is planned between the projects of XDNA and YUSRA Global! :rocket::rocket: :rocket:

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