Project Update - new PoS , new Management structure.

Good day everyone !

Wish you all doing great!

Almost for :one: month there was no news from :XDNA~1: XDNA project due to high vacations ratio and project re-development status.

:recycle: Today we want to discuss :two: major project possible steps together with our community :recycle:

:one: PoS implementation.

As you know, XDNA is a father for many crypto projects which was forked from us. However - XDNA itself got his own donor as well - it is pivx 2.3.0 (with PoW consensus). Unlike many other pivx forks, :XDNA~1: XDNA got unique output system which was drastically re-right since DASH code (T.N.T. - and dynamic PoW algo.

For our PoS migration - only T.N.T. matter.

:tools: To keep T.N.T. system live and avoid "pivx 2.3.0 PoS exploit" we decide to create our own PoS system by implementing some new code solutions or take it from other projects in some parts of it.

:fire: Code is ready :fire:

:arrow_forward: Now we have to choose a new mathematic model because current is not working well at all and was designed for BitGun dynamic block reward algo.
:mag_right: It leads us to:
:two: XDNA community management structure.
- What does it mean?
At this moment, we have a direct project management by XDNA team members. Almost for 9 months project got no budget due to many mistakes or unfortunate chain of consequences. Without budget project slowly dying, while people inside core team forced to switch their time resources and power for other projects or common jobs, because obviously they should provide basic needs for themselves and for the families. The few projects needs like pay for website/servers/ssl’s/mails, market support or salaries for XDNA vps or MCPAY development paid by team management from their personal funds.
:round_pushpin: We did this and will continue to do so because :XDNA~1: XDNA is not a forbidden cryptocurrency. :round_pushpin:
:loudspeaker: We will support our project and push new and new ideas until one right decision will leads all XDNA community to success and project will became great again! :loudspeaker:
:recycle: But we strongly convinced, that project need a new blood and energy from the community members which is really interest in project success.
XDNA should stop rely only on fixed team setup – it is a bad and weak model.
:fbLIKE: All who want to support the project should got all the instruments to do so, to implement something useful inside.
To provide such power we want to organize a :XDNA~1: XDNA community management.
The holders of new FULL Masternode (50 000 XDNA) will not only receive a 51% from block reward, but also will enter the Directors board of XDNA project.
:page_with_curl: It will provide next opportunities:
- Choose the project COO by vote.
- Vote for new project Road map
- By the vote procedure, delegate new team members
- Separate XDNA management server - Direct contact with whole XDNA team
Which Directors board will not have – core assets for seed servers/site and other project web elements. Due to security reason.
:no_entry: Current: You invest many of your personal funds into XDNA and atm got only a huge losses and can’t even sold it on the market. All you can do is make a comment into chat or suggest something for 80% inactive team which is sit on depression and develop the project by 10% or required speed. :frowning:
:success: Become: You invest many of personal funds into XDNA and got a place into community management. You can offer new strategies or suggestion – delegate it to vote session and it could be chosen by holder’s majority as new project plan. :smiley:
After 20 new XDNA Full masternodes online, we will organize a main session, which includes COO election.
1 FMN = 1 vote. One holder could have up to 5 FMN and 5 votes. After 6th FMN setup he gonna have 5 votes yet.
Whole list of rules will be posted at special server.
:calling: Masternode verification will be organized through XDNA web wallet.
 If you have more than 50 000 XDNA or want to enter the directors board list - PM @Gunbit to calculate expected team range.
:desktop: After we clarify, why we want to increase the collateral (not like other projects just do so due to match reason), here is a new numbers:
:11~1: % from block:
9% - PoS
15% - Light Masternode (5 000 :XDNA~1: )
25% - Medium Masternode (10 000 :XDNA~1: )
51% - Full Masternode (50 000 :XDNA~1: )
We decide to delete 1+2% dev&foundation fees.
To regulate the processes of emissions and significantly limit the maximum total supply, we implemented the classic halving reduction system. After a hard fork, the reward for the block will be 8 :XDNA~1: XDNA with a gradual decrease in 2 times every 1051200 blocks (about 2 years). Thus, the maximum total supply was reduced by more than 70% and will amount to 21 000 000 :XDNA~1: XDNA.
:moneybag: According to math modulation average profit for masternode owners will be from 10$ till 100$ without drastically price increase (math for 2 cents/1 XDNA).
We will update website masternode tool, so you can do your own calculations. ( - aprox till 31.08
:three: Project update.
:boom: Development domains:
Expecting Venezuelan developer to solve electric issues. Bough all rights for existed software, which was already created so far.
:postal_horn: Looking for the operational manager here
Gen Tree
No operational manager found for it. Not started.
:postal_horn: Looking for operational manager and sponsorship/investor for the development.
Works as intended, we want to expand payment opportunities for common bills and Steam wallet. In the active development.
:postal_horn: Looking for sales manager for this product.
VPS rent
In plans, new platform (like vultr) with increases functional.
:postal_horn: Looking for operational manager and sales manager for this product.
:boom: Project integrations:
:success: :XDNA~1: XDNA was re-listed at KYD coin verification platform as Public verification. We have transparent team setup and nothing to hide. Now it’s a bit more official.
KYD discord server:
:success: Apollon network provide a special offer for they users and XDNA FMN owners – only 0.99% per month
Apollon Network website:
Apollon Network discord server:
Be proactive with :XDNA~1: XDNA!

Bounty campaign!

:XDNA~1: Bounty campaign:XDNA~1:

:tada: We want to open a short bounty campaign for our community to help us reach new big exchange - Kucoin!

They open a community poll and looking for a new promising projects -


:one: Fill the form with XDNA contacts:

:link: Our contacts:

Project name: XDNA

Token name: XDNA

Project Official Website:


What is special about this project?: Please fill it by yourself to make it more original and do not copy paste if you want to one more vote.

:two: Turn ON the option "send me a copy of my form to email"

:three: Go to your email box > open form copy > resend it with your XDNA wallet address to


We will provide a 10 XDNA for each vote! Payments could be with 12-24h delay, but we will pay all until 16 july.

Be recommended with :XDNA~1: XDNA

XDNA Project update - new services!

Good day :XDNA~1: XDNA Community!
Project update
:calling: 1. We create and launch new payment-module. Mobile Crypto Payment - XDNA MCpay.
It is a gateway to recharge any mobile account in XDNA cryptocurrency.
Now our community could spend XDNA coins not only for exchange or some unique cases, but for such a common thing like mobile number recharging!
Works worldwide.
Exchange ratio base on current exchange rate. Temporary max limit - 50$ per operation. If system will be out of funds it will show you a warning before exchange operation.
:desktop: 2. As we promise, we release new VPS hosting platform.
It is not special masternode hosting platform (like GIN, GTM or SS) - more like a simple version of VULTR.
We aware, that many project in masternode market release their hosting platforms or staking platform or any other platforms for same purpose.
XDNA VPS rent features:
- simple vps server with 3$ per vps in XDNA.
- no advertising, no wishes to become "largest of largest service"
- no marketing, no bullshit.
If you just want to rent a vps server and dont have a problems - try our platform.
Direct link: (no promo code or referral links as well)
:link: 3. PoS system almost ready.
We will keep you updated about last stages of development through discord server.
:tools: 4. We considering a project re-branding and launch a new discord server to activate community activity on it. What do you think about this Idea ? Share your opinion in our social media please.
Be spendable with :XDNA~1: XDNA


Good day dear :XDNA: Community!

Our project was listed on NovaExchange:

1. :BTC:

2. :DOGEC:

NovaExchange is old and experienced figure on the market. They were big on the crypto scene before last crypto boom in 2017 and was in place like Cryptopia or Bittrex, known as “many altcoin pairs exchange”. This Exchange was closed for several months in the beginning of 2018 and re-open with new investments, branding and quality.

We are more than happy to get listed on this exchange.

Statements in crypto is not welcome, you know. If someone told me June/July 2018 that Cryptopia will be closed without any refund - I wouldn’t believe in that for 99% and XDNA project could save almost 97 500$ which was destroyed regarding listing fees and support levels on Cryptopia. But here we are. So I will not state “NovaExchange is safe place for your funds - deposit your btc and xdna to explore new market” . But it’s nothing compare to newly created exchanges in terms of trust from my point of view.

Be alive with :XDNA: XDNA

XDNA progress report

Good evening XDNA Community.
It's been a while since our last project report.
Few weeks ago we organized a team chat to speak about current situation with XDNA project. At this moment we pass through a very tough time, there is Cryptopia still not release our pair live , project funds are almost out and we were unfortunate with promote and development the main charity platform for mases. So as a result, we don't have a complete and simple use-case for XDNA coin, even if it was most innovative coin project in last year and many new projects use our open-source features which we bring to the market. But, we are not ready to give up and we cannot afford to disappoint our main holders and initial investors.
Because of that, we decide to freeze Charity domain for a while (not close, but prologue development for last quarter of 2019) and switch our forces for two new domains:
1. "World Genealogical (Family / Generic) Tree" Short description: The idea is to create a worldwide database of people with practical use and benefit for all project participants. As it is seen in general. Information should be divided into several levels. The first level is the individual. The second level is a family, a particular person is included in a certain family. The third level is the genus. Families are united in childbirth. The first registrant can create a family, specifying the ancestors (an unlimited number) in the form of specific people and + 2 generations ahead (children and grandchildren). From this particular person can build a tree chain in the "classic family tree." The one who creates the records receives and the ability to edit / fill out information.
2. Together with our new developers - @Raphy Zoe&Bianca & @robert_skadev we decide to help people of Venezuela digitalize their Bolivars to crypto and create a comfort & simple exchange for it. -
You can currently register, and the exchange system through fiat currency, CURRENCY = FIAT or FIAT to CURRENCY are enabled it is possible to send balance between users with any of the enabled currencies by just using the user's name we enable a voucher system, it works as a kind of gift card code, it can be sent to any user in any currency and the balance will be added to your account Currently a shopping system is enabled, the idea is to integrate the balance with external payments through the api, to be able to process payments for services or products such as the mn It is still a function that we are testing, The most certain thing is that it will be disabled by Robert until we finish stabilizing it completely at this moment we only need to enable the recharge method to process the deposits and withdrawals of xdna and the other currency in a semi-automatic way since it would be processed manually auditing the funds in a secure way fiat currency deposits to make shipments or exchange balance we are making some adjustments to try to work with payeer and / or coinpayments / blockchain in this way we would automate the recharge process using fiat currency soon after finishing we would only create an extra and Spanish database to work with fiat BS Venezuelan users the original site is temp
Store your money securely and exchanged for local currency We present a tool that allows the sending of money instantly through a payment system for XDNA, MCPC, BTC, LTC and ETH!
On top of simple exchanger service we will also add a cryptocurrency exchange. This is a very tough road, since dozens crypto exchanges appears from all over the places and you really need dozens of money to successfully promote it at least to cmc top 150 level - but we are not gonna say that we want this exchange become a new "binance" or something like that. We will find a special niche for that product and many upcoming reports and announcements will be about that area.
Next point which we want to optimize - is our team setup. Pretty obvious that many of team members are almost inactive right now. But we will not be hurry in this area. 1st we need to speed up the updates on roadmap/website and whitepaper and adding this two domains into our short-list, and then actually find a way for funding the development process. Some amount was already donated from XDNA Founders team personal pockets, but it is not enough. We will keep our community updated regarding this development process both Geological Tree project and Fiatex.
Be adaptive with XDNA!

XDNA will be listed at Crypto-Hunter mobile app-game!

Good day :XDNA~1: XDNA Community!

Today we want to share good news with @everyone :champagne:

:logo_XDNA: XDNA coin is listed on most promising MOBILE-GAME of 2019 - Crypto Hunter !


:page_facing_up: Crypto Hunter Has been created by the Swyft.Network formally Satoshi Coin World. Crypto Hunter is an AR (Augmented Reality) game where players can collect masternode coins in their local area and withdraw to exchanges or local wallets. The concept of the game is to turn Players into Investors by Educating them on the masternode world, tools needed and where to get started. This is done by way of pop on in game play Videos and Advertisements

:youtube: Check out the video presentation -

:WeeWoo: Crypto-Hunter game will be avaliable for downloading both IOS&Android app already this Q2 !! :WeeWoo: Be collected with :XDNA~1: XDNA!


Good day :XDNA~1: XDNA Community!
Today we want to share good news with everyone :champagne:
We start a complete partnership between :logo_XDNA: XDNA and :MCPC: MCPC :Cheers:
:success: MCPC will release a marketplace where everything can be bought with MCPC and XDNA
:success: XDNA Foundation 2.0 will includes multi crypto donations system and MCPC gate will be available for deposits
:WeeWoo: To celebrate our new partnership we run a new contest for our precious community!
:page_facing_up: To participate:
1. Obtain XDNA Full masternode.
2. Obtain MCPC masternode.
3. Enter both project Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook medias.
4. Fill this google form:
5. Wait until 30.04 18:00 GMT time
We will choose 3 random winners via discord bot or via online stream
:one: - 0,1 BTC
:two: - 2000 XDNA & 2000 MCPC
:three: - 100$ voucher to spend at MCPC marketplace
Join MCPC server ASAP -

Website UPDATE

Hello, Dear :logo_XDNA: XDNA community ! :parrot:
It's been a while since our last announcement.
Finally, we update our main website - :XDNA~1: :tada:
Update list:
:one: New roadmap :railway_track:
It is renamed to task list and announced for 1st half of 2019. At 25th June we will release H2 list
:two: New landing page :page_facing_up:
Here we try to focus on ABC information, so people who new to crypto from charity or unspecified section could understand in few seconds what is this website about
:three: New page - :flyingmoneyparrot:
Short information in quick access. NOTE! Cryptowolf direct exchange will be online after Cryptopia will resume our btc pair
:four: Short updates on all information pages :tools:
(like premine distribution, FAQ and others)
:five: 2 new sections on the main page - Our partners and Charts :writing_hand:
Contact us if you also want to become a partner of our project
:six: New languages for Whitepaper 2.0 - :map:
It is not the end of website update, but today we pass major milestone in this direction!
Be online with :logo_XDNA: XDNA

My Host Wallet Listed XDNA | New voting bounty contest ! HOT NEWS!

Hello, Dear :logo_XDNA: XDNA community @everyone !
:parrot: It's been a while since our last announcement.
:one: :XDNA~1: XDNA team happy to announce that we are listed our project at new promising project -
:pushpin: My Host Wallet is multi-currencies wallet platform, which basically provides the security you need to protect your cryptocurrency
:exp: In technical terms, My Host Wallet is a multisignature wallet, meaning that all outgoing transactions have to be approved using multiple signatures.
:success: MHW future plans:
- Mobile version (Android & IOS)
- Versatile API - Payment Gateway
- Built-in Exchange
Try it out with your :XDNA~1: XDNA coins -
:two: We want to remind you about our :fire: LVL UP SPRING GIVEAWAY:fire:
:exp: Info -
:think~1: You can update as many masternodes as you want!
:WeeWoo: Event will be ended at 16.03.19 21 UTC time
:three: New challenge for our community and new bounty for whose who want to participate in!
You must reply this: #BringToPolispay $XDNA
3. Make a screenshot of your reply and send it to me (Gunbit#4996) via PM ! Each vote granted as 5 XDNA!
Be online with :logo_XDNA: XDNA

XDNA listed on MIDAS

Hello everyone

We are excited to announce the listing of XDNA to the Midas ecosystem as our Official Shared Masternode Service!

:XDNA: Established in January 18 and offering the largest community in the masternode space, Midas are a highly trusted and reputable investments platform, and through this listing XDNA endorse their service.

Check out the introduction of XDNA on the media platform for masternode investments, MN.Investments -


Invest through the Midas Investment Platform -

:one: Earn rewards instantly using the XDNA instant share held at the Midas platform.

:two: Manage your investments on the Midas platform, providing regular and consistent payouts.

:three: Instant and automated deposits and withdrawals, giving you full control over your investments.

:four: Industry low fees, offering a three tiered fee structure to ensure fees stay low. Pay in MIDAS for the lowest fees.

:five: Scaled reinvestment. Reinvest 100% for compound interest, or set a full/partial automated withdrawal to your wallet.


Midas become the first to offer a complete investment ecosystem

Investors with Midas gain the unique ability to utilize a combination of platforms to research, trade and invest your favourite projects.

Research - Follow the latest updates from your favourite projects with content published directly on from the teams themselves.

Trade - Have you found the investment you want to make. Trade directly on Midex, the exchange operated by Midas -

Invest - Invest your coins on the Midas platform, the intuitive and easy-to-manage platform offered by Midas.

We hope to integrate XDNA to other Midas platforms very soon!