With this letter, the XDNA  team notifies you that on November 03, 2019, after block 682500, we will have a hardfork as a result of which a number of indicators will change for the XDNA coin:
PoS algorithm will be added
the deposit size for masternodes will change, would be 5 000, 10 000 and 50 000 of XDNA coins.
Block reward will be increased to 8 coins per block
distribution of remuneration will change: POS 10%, LightMN 10%, MediumMN 30% and FullMN 50% of blockreward.
total supply will change to 21 000 000 from 80 620 000.

The new wallet will be available on November 3 on the official account of the XDNA project in github at: https://github.com/XDNA-Core/XDNA/releases

Please update your wallets.

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