Bounty campaign!

:XDNA~1: Bounty campaign:XDNA~1:

:tada: We want to open a short bounty campaign for our community to help us reach new big exchange – Kucoin!

They open a community poll and looking for a new promising projects


:one: Fill the form with XDNA contacts:

:link: Our contacts:

Project name: XDNA

Token name: XDNA

Project Official Website:


What is special about this project?: Please fill it by yourself to make it more original and do not copy paste if you want to one more vote.

:two: Turn ON the option “send me a copy of my form to email”

:three: Go to your email box > open form copy > resend it with your XDNA wallet address to


We will provide a 10 XDNA for each vote! Payments could be with 12-24h delay, but we will pay all until 16 july.

Be recommended with :XDNA~1: XDNA