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The XDNA team, as promised earlier, prepared an update to the wallet. 

 List of changes: 

  • echanges in the payment mechanism for masternodes; 
  • a significant reduction in the possibility of a split blockchain;
  • stability & scale optimization

XDNA listed at Stackofstake

XDNA listed at as instant shared masternode

StackOfStake is a staking and masternodes investment platform.


XDNA T.N.T prevents the pyramid scheme frauds! XDNA Masternodes are the best money can buy!

How T.N.T. system works:

In general, all masternode projects have similar rewarding system: «Each SINGLE block only ONE masternode wins the masternode reward» There are many tiered masternode projects with a different coin amount requirement for a different masternode tiers.

But, if you think that different tier masternodes get separate rewards from a block – you are mistaken. Even if a project has 5 MN tiers – each block only 1 masternode gets a reward. If it is tier1 masternode – it gets block reward for tier 1. If tier 5 – for tier 5.

But in XDNA we made a unique part of coin, providing multiple block outputs for MN rewards. In brief, it means: «Each SINGLE block THREE masternodes of different tiers get THREE different masternode rewards» So, If in a common masternode project we have: 30MN T1, 50MN T2, 100 MN T3, 10 MN T4 and 10 MN T5 this is counted as just a bulk of 200 MN in network and only 1 will get this reward.

But, if we are speaking about XDNA T. N. T. system and we got: 50 MN T1 (Light), 10 MN T2 (Medium) and 5 MN T3 (Full) the randomizer process will process 3 different directions: 10% from a block reward between 50 MN T1 (Light), 30% from a block reward between 10 MN T2 (Medium) and 50% from a block reward between ONLY 5 MN T3 (Full).

If we had a common MN reward system, the owners of XDNA Full masternodes would share their chances to get rewards between 65 MN’s , but in our T.N.T. system each type of masternodes has their own prize pool, so they share the chance of getting the reward only between other Full masternode owners.

T. N. T. Description

Relying only on the most advanced aspects of the world leading cryptocurrencies, we propose to use masternodes to ensure network stability.

However, given the experience of creating and using masternodes in different projects, we put harmony between miners and investors’ wishes and possibilities on the first place at XDNA. To make it possible for everyone to set up a masternode, we have developed three types of them. Each type takes a different amount of XDNA and brings a variety of income. This system is called T.N.T. – TripleNodeTechnology.