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Listing on the Birake Network

Thanks to our cooperation with Bitdorado and Telos we got a listing on the Birake Network. This includes all Birake Network exchange partners. Now you can start trading cryptocurrency XDNA in a trading pair with Bitcoin on the decentralized exchange Bitdorado which are included Birake Network ecosystem.

XDNA celebrates its birthday!

Good day XDNA community!

Today, the XDNA crypto project turned 2 years old!

Our XDNA project was born at a time when the cryptocurrency industry is going through difficult times. But the XDNA project has withstood dignity and continues to evolve.

There will be a lot of new information this week:
– a new company development plan will be announced;
– new strategic goals will be identified;
– an update release date will be announced for the blockchain that fixes the reward issue.

To celebrate this birthday and give you a festive mood, we want to hold a festive Giveaway and play 10,000 XDNA coins (10 prizes of 1000 coins each)!

The draw will be held on our official twitter (

Good luck!!!

Listing on the MoneyByte Investing!

XDNA listed at MoneyByte Investing!
MoneyByte Investing is service with own Hedged Pools and Unique Investment Model.
MoneyByte will build up a portfolio of different Masternodes and PoS pools. The uniqueness comes from the fact that only MON will be used to access these rewards.
Think of MoneyByte as a universal currency. Masternodes and PoS are by far the most popular crypto feature to produce a passive income.

Now XDNA coin has also been added to the Hedge Pool! You can check this from the link:

Got questions or suggestions? Join MoneyByte official Discord server:

Need support? Feel free to report any issues to