XDNA team

Artur [Gunbit] Prints Chief marketing officer Co-founder
Artur brings to the table nearly 8 years of cross-functional and international experience in Marketing and Business strategies. During the last 2 year he has cross all the way from a beginner to a market-expert in the cryptocurrencies area. Every day starts from crypto-market analysis and research.
S.F.Vakano Chief executive officer Co-founder
Vakano is the ideological inspirer and the author of XDNA project. He holds a PhD degree and has worked as a Specialist in cryptography and mathematical modeling for more than last 10 years. He is mainly responsible for the XDNA Foundation department and makes key decisions about the project development together with Artur and Kazimir. His favorite hobby is to create something new from nothing.
Kazimir [Kamir] Frolov Chief Technical Officer Co-Founder
Kazimir is a very experienced IT person and has been the main developer in XDNA Team since the founding of the project. The implementation of all our novel features and optimization of a huge amount of code was done with him as CTO and the main tester. Known as Mr. Fix-it from young age. Loves skiing.


Archie Kapone Gui developer API engineer
Archie is our main GUI developer and API integrator. Most tech part of our unique wallet was made by him, as well as many commits in the main code, involving certain modern programming features. Fond of programming from a young age. Currently works in huge oil company as lead c++ developer. Likes horses and golf.
Nikita [ nikertos ] Litvyakov Back-end developer Network specialist
Nikita is an experienced IT engineer with 10 years of experience doing full stack MS/My SQL, Laravel 5, HTML, Javascript, PHP, CSS etc. In XDNA project he is responsible for Foundation P2P platform and cores of application wallets.
Mark [marikun] Gerch Miner developer Network specialist
Earned his first money with coding. Main areas in coding skills are web, c++, js. Wrote his own trade bot for short macd strategy. Hobbies are 3D printing and creating IoT devices "just for fun".


Michael [M.S. Bishop] Sidorov Web Designer Web Developer
Michael is a professional web developer with a wide variety of skills and creative, non-standard thinking. The whole XDNA design was created by him. Experienced in HTML layouts / CSS, Web and Graphic Design. Earlier jobs include system administration and integrator on the Windows platform.
Evgeniy [1q1] XDNA Foundation Platform&Software Tester
Evgeniy got two higher educations. First is related to IT , Second in Managment. He become a crypto-enthusiast since the end of 2016. He believes that the blockchain and cryptocurrency are very important part of technological evolution and with the right conceptual approach can make human exsistance better.
Krunoslav [Hitman420] Vrabec General marketing PR assistant
Krunoslav Vrabec is an experienced MCSA, MCSE- IT system administrator for Windows server OS for more than 20 years of experience and an average of 500+ users to manage. His experience in IT fields tends to improve and expand in field of Cryptocurrency lately. Started 2 years ago as a crypto miner, now he is a successful article writer and XDNA community manager. He got involved in XDNA project since the early start and now he educates and shares the word of XDNA around the globe.

Community Managers

Raja Zuberi Software tester
Raja Zuberi is one of those few lucky persons who actually witnessed the crypto industry growing from less than a billion dollar to hundreds of billions of dollars. He has been contributing towards the growth of blockchain/crypto since 2013. He has actively managed the community & developed stuff like applications and their GUIs for different coins (including Dogecoin (in 2014) & Equihash-based community-driven projects like Hush, Zen and Zclassic) within the last couple of years.
Starry Zhong Community manager Area of responsibility: Weibo, QQchat, Discord
Starry Zhong studied microelectronics in university and holds a degree of Bachelor in Computer Engineering. After graduation he entered the video game industry and has a rich experiences in game design, market research and game production. Starry has been involved in cryptocurrencies since 2014, then become a crypto fan and altcoin researcher.