New easy way to get XDNA!

Good afternoon, community! :wave:
:chart: We continue to work on integrating the project with various online services and simplifying its acquisition for people who are inexperienced in crypto world.:btc1: :XDNA:
:logo_XDNA: :logo_XDNA: :logo_XDNA: :logo_XDNA: :logo_XDNA: As one of the first steps, we are happy to announce to you
Listing on a crypto currency fully automatic exchanger –
:exchange: Now you can purchase XDNA without registering on the exchange! At the moment you have access to only a local wallet (for win, linux, mac), in addition to exchange analogues, but soon we will prepare more convenient versions of your wallet for you.
So, how it works:interrobang: In fact, everything is very simple and happens literally in “2 clicks”:
:one: Go to and choose what altcoin we want to get and what altcoin are you going to give (available btc, eth and ltc).The minimum amount of exchange should be equivalent to $ 50.
Next, the automatic bot will show how much you will get XDNA and fix the course for a short period of time.:success:
You need to specify: – receive address for XDNA:XDNA: – BTC address in case of a refund:btc1: – email for communication if necessary:e_mail:
:two: Next, we go to the payment page, where you specify the address to which you want to send funds to purchase XDNA
After a short wait, the announced XDNA will be delivered to your address, without registering on the exchange and analyzing how it all works!:clapz:
Be smart with XDNA!:thumbsup::smart: