New exchange listing – Crex24

Hola, Dear :logo_XDNA: XDNA community @everyone !

:tada: We’re happy to announce a new backup exchange for XDNA – Crex24 ! ! !

The hack on Cryptopia was a big blow on our project, but it didn’t kill us! And as the saying goes –

“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”

:moneybag:For the first time you’ll be able to trade between XDNA and 5 fiat currencies (USD, EUR, RUB, CNY, JPY),

for now though Bitcoin (XDNA>BTC>Fiat and Fiat>BTC>XDNA).

7 days after we started the poll to hear our community’s thoughts, our listing went live!

:point_right::skin-tone-1: You can start trading here:

:pray: We hope to see Cryptopia opening again soon and have XDNA trading in at least 4 exchanges:

:one: Crex24

:two: Cryptopia

:three: Crypto-Bridge

:four: Altilly