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Listing on the Birake Network

Thanks to our cooperation with Bitdorado and Telos we got a listing on the Birake Network. This includes all Birake Network exchange partners. Now you can start trading cryptocurrency XDNA in a trading pair with Bitcoin on the decentralized exchange Bitdorado which are included Birake Network ecosystem.

XDNA listed at Flits!

Listing announcement: XDNA listed at Flits!

Flits is the first and safest decentralized mobile masternode app. You hold the keys. Available on Android and iOS.

Listing on the MoneyByte Investing!

XDNA listed at MoneyByte Investing!
MoneyByte Investing is service with own Hedged Pools and Unique Investment Model.
MoneyByte will build up a portfolio of different Masternodes and PoS pools. The uniqueness comes from the fact that only MON will be used to access these rewards.
Think of MoneyByte as a universal currency. Masternodes and PoS are by far the most popular crypto feature to produce a passive income.

Now XDNA coin has also been added to the Hedge Pool! You can check this from the link:

Got questions or suggestions? Join MoneyByte official Discord server:

Need support? Feel free to report any issues to