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The XDNA team, as promised earlier, prepared an update to the wallet. 

 List of changes: 

  • echanges in the payment mechanism for masternodes; 
  • a significant reduction in the possibility of a split blockchain;
  • stability & scale optimization

XDNA listed at Stackofstake

XDNA listed at as instant shared masternode

StackOfStake is a staking and masternodes investment platform.

XDNA listed at Delion exchange!2

Good evening!

Due to the closure of the CryptoBridge exchange, users of the XDNA community who kept their XDNA on this exchange had a risk of losing their coins.

The XDNA project team urgently carried out a listing on the decentralized exchange Deliondex

Delion Project is started on December 2018 aiming to bridging real sector with cryptocurrency world.

This is not just another DEX.

It is a full ecosystem which consists of Delion Decentralised Exchange (runs on top of bitshares blockchain. Fast, low trading fee and low withdrawal fee)

and MASTERNODES.BIZ (All in one Masternodes Service; MN Statistics, Node Monitoring, Coins Specs, Price alert and Masternode Hosting).

All services are tailored together to become an investment ecosystem. From researching projects, buying coins to running masternode without technical knowledge, you can do all through all Delion services.

:moneybag: Trade Here:

:tools: Now you can withdraw all your XDNA coins from CryptoBridge to Delion, and from there withdraw to your wallet.

More information on the Deliondex exchange:

Happy trading!

Best Regards, XDNA Team