Project Update – new PoS , new Management structure.

Good day everyone !

Wish you all doing great!

Almost for :one: month there was no news from :XDNA~1: XDNA project due to high vacations ratio and project re-development status.

:recycle: Today we want to discuss :two: major project possible steps together with our community :recycle:

:one: PoS implementation.

As you know, XDNA is a father for many crypto projects which was forked from us. However – XDNA itself got his own donor as well – it is pivx 2.3.0 (with PoW consensus). Unlike many other pivx forks, :XDNA~1: XDNA got unique output system which was drastically re-right since DASH code (T.N.T. – and dynamic PoW algo.

For our PoS migration – only T.N.T. matter.

:tools: To keep T.N.T. system live and avoid “pivx 2.3.0 PoS exploit” we decide to create our own PoS system by implementing some new code solutions or take it from other projects in some parts of it.

:fire: Code is ready :fire:

:arrow_forward: Now we have to choose a new mathematic model because current is not working well at all and was designed for BitGun dynamic block reward algo.
:mag_right: It leads us to:
:two: XDNA community management structure.
– What does it mean?
At this moment, we have a direct project management by XDNA team members. Almost for 9 months project got no budget due to many mistakes or unfortunate chain of consequences. Without budget project slowly dying, while people inside core team forced to switch their time resources and power for other projects or common jobs, because obviously they should provide basic needs for themselves and for the families. The few projects needs like pay for website/servers/ssl’s/mails, market support or salaries for XDNA vps or MCPAY development paid by team management from their personal funds.
:round_pushpin: We did this and will continue to do so because :XDNA~1: XDNA is not a forbidden cryptocurrency. :round_pushpin:
:loudspeaker: We will support our project and push new and new ideas until one right decision will leads all XDNA community to success and project will became great again! :loudspeaker:
:recycle: But we strongly convinced, that project need a new blood and energy from the community members which is really interest in project success.
XDNA should stop rely only on fixed team setup – it is a bad and weak model.
:fbLIKE: All who want to support the project should got all the instruments to do so, to implement something useful inside.
To provide such power we want to organize a :XDNA~1: XDNA community management.
The holders of new FULL Masternode (50 000 XDNA) will not only receive a 51% from block reward, but also will enter the Directors board of XDNA project.
:page_with_curl: It will provide next opportunities:
– Choose the project COO by vote.
– Vote for new project Road map
– By the vote procedure, delegate new team members
– Separate XDNA management server – Direct contact with whole XDNA team
Which Directors board will not have – core assets for seed servers/site and other project web elements. Due to security reason.
:no_entry: Current: You invest many of your personal funds into XDNA and atm got only a huge losses and can’t even sold it on the market. All you can do is make a comment into chat or suggest something for 80% inactive team which is sit on depression and develop the project by 10% or required speed. :frowning:
:success: Become: You invest many of personal funds into XDNA and got a place into community management. You can offer new strategies or suggestion – delegate it to vote session and it could be chosen by holder’s majority as new project plan. :smiley:
After 20 new XDNA Full masternodes online, we will organize a main session, which includes COO election.
1 FMN = 1 vote. One holder could have up to 5 FMN and 5 votes. After 6th FMN setup he gonna have 5 votes yet.
Whole list of rules will be posted at special server.
:calling: Masternode verification will be organized through XDNA web wallet.
 If you have more than 50 000 XDNA or want to enter the directors board list – PM @Gunbit to calculate expected team range.
:desktop: After we clarify, why we want to increase the collateral (not like other projects just do so due to match reason), here is a new numbers:
:11~1: % from block:
9% – PoS
15% – Light Masternode (5 000 :XDNA~1: )
25% – Medium Masternode (10 000 :XDNA~1: )
51% – Full Masternode (50 000 :XDNA~1: )
We decide to delete 1+2% dev&foundation fees.
To regulate the processes of emissions and significantly limit the maximum total supply, we implemented the classic halving reduction system. After a hard fork, the reward for the block will be 8 :XDNA~1: XDNA with a gradual decrease in 2 times every 1051200 blocks (about 2 years). Thus, the maximum total supply was reduced by more than 70% and will amount to 21 000 000 :XDNA~1: XDNA.
:moneybag: According to math modulation average profit for masternode owners will be from 10$ till 100$ without drastically price increase (math for 2 cents/1 XDNA).
We will update website masternode tool, so you can do your own calculations. ( – aprox till 31.08
:three: Project update.
:boom: Development domains:
Expecting Venezuelan developer to solve electric issues. Bough all rights for existed software, which was already created so far.
:postal_horn: Looking for the operational manager here
Gen Tree
No operational manager found for it. Not started.
:postal_horn: Looking for operational manager and sponsorship/investor for the development.
Works as intended, we want to expand payment opportunities for common bills and Steam wallet. In the active development.
:postal_horn: Looking for sales manager for this product.
VPS rent
In plans, new platform (like vultr) with increases functional.
:postal_horn: Looking for operational manager and sales manager for this product.
:boom: Project integrations:
:success: :XDNA~1: XDNA was re-listed at KYD coin verification platform as Public verification. We have transparent team setup and nothing to hide. Now it’s a bit more official.
KYD discord server:
:success: Apollon network provide a special offer for they users and XDNA FMN owners – only 0.99% per month
Apollon Network website:
Apollon Network discord server:
Be proactive with :XDNA~1: XDNA!