Project Update


Hello, Dear :logo_XDNA: XDNA community ! :parrot:

It’s been a while since our last announcement.

:exp: Today we want to point out a few minor releases which came out in Feb and make some sneak peaks of upcoming updates to broke the silence in media zone.

:one: In last week we made an wallet update – version

-Disabled forced reindexing on init that allow to use simple-to-make bootstrap

-Mac wallet works now on older versions of MacOSx (minimal required version is 10.9)

:XDNA~1: Download link –

:two: :raised_hands::skin-tone-1: We want to welcome our new team member – @Biscults !

He will be a part of @Community Manager ‘s crew and try to attract people to general discussions, don’t ignore him please :smiley:

:three: Our website was on pause for about a month with updates but a few days ago we continue development and almost finish it.

:XDNA~1: Sneak peak link –

:XDNA~1: Short sneak peak of new RoadMap which will be implemented to new website – Beside Half-year list there will be SkyMap – our main goals and project domains which we try to achieve while XDNA is existed.

P.S. In negotiations with 3 new exchanges, but main problems is fee ratio and our budget.

P.S.S. Still no news from Cryptopia about getting back online. We will notify you guys ASAP


Be alive with :logo_XDNA: XDNA