Website UPDATE

Hello, Dear :logo_XDNA: XDNA community ! :parrot:
It’s been a while since our last announcement.
Finally, we update our main website – :XDNA~1: :tada:
Update list:
:one: New roadmap :railway_track:
It is renamed to task list and announced for 1st half of 2019. At 25th June we will release H2 list
:two: New landing page :page_facing_up:
Here we try to focus on ABC information, so people who new to crypto from charity or unspecified section could understand in few seconds what is this website about
:three: New page – :flyingmoneyparrot:
Short information in quick access. NOTE! Cryptowolf direct exchange will be online after Cryptopia will resume our btc pair
:four: Short updates on all information pages :tools:
(like premine distribution, FAQ and others)
:five: 2 new sections on the main page – Our partners and Charts :writing_hand:
Contact us if you also want to become a partner of our project
:six: New languages for Whitepaper 2.0 – :map:
It is not the end of website update, but today we pass major milestone in this direction!
Be online with :logo_XDNA: XDNA