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Listing on the Birake Network

Thanks to our cooperation with Bitdorado and Telos we got a listing on the Birake Network. This includes all Birake Network exchange partners. Now you can start trading cryptocurrency XDNA in a trading pair with Bitcoin on the decentralized exchange Bitdorado which are included Birake Network ecosystem.

XDNA celebrates its birthday!

Good day XDNA community!

Today, the XDNA crypto project turned 2 years old!

Our XDNA project was born at a time when the cryptocurrency industry is going through difficult times. But the XDNA project has withstood dignity and continues to evolve.

There will be a lot of new information this week:
– a new company development plan will be announced;
– new strategic goals will be identified;
– an update release date will be announced for the blockchain that fixes the reward issue.

To celebrate this birthday and give you a festive mood, we want to hold a festive Giveaway and play 10,000 XDNA coins (10 prizes of 1000 coins each)!

The draw will be held on our official twitter (

Good luck!!!

XDNA announces a new strategic partnership with DevGent development agency!

XDNA announces a new strategic partnership with DevGent development agency!

DevGent this development agency which has existed since 2018 and has successful experience in developing 5 crypto projects with a total capitalization of more than $ 20 million.

It has a number of its own unique IT-solutions:
 – gateway for paying for mobile services and the Internet with the possibility of payment in cryptocurrency.
– online trading platform for currency exchange with a transaction protection system.
– the online market, like a Ebay and Amazon with the possibility of payment in cryptocurrency.
–  service providing virtual private server services.
– exchanges for cryptocurrency trading.

As you know, at present, XDNA has some problems nonoptimality with the distribution of reward from masternodes and POS-staking.

DevGent already seek a solution to this problem.