XDNA Foundation Platform LIVE!

Very important announcement

XDNA FOUNDATION Platform https://foundation.xdna.io/ goes live!

:paperclip: It is open for new applications and free for XDNA donations

However, there is still lot’s of work needs to be done.

:page_facing_up: There is a short list, which will be added to XDNA Foundation Road map for next year:

1. Add feature to donate straight from Desktop wallet

2. Add feature to donate from web/mobile wallets

3. Gain shareable media notice that you help someone at XDNA Platform straight after sending funds

4. How to guides

5. Voting system (right now it’s possible to tap a “vote” but leads to nothing beside simple like system)

6. Web wallet and platform Integration

:eyeglasses: There is 1 question, which I want to describe you before complete F.A.Q. and Manuals:

How funds system works:

:arrowright_1240: Foundation platform had own wallet daemon.
:arrowright_1240: It generates automatic XDNA address for each approved application and

:arrowright_1240: Until application is closed or filled this address in XDNA management team control.

:arrowright_1240: Upon closing, collected funds go to recipient address or XDNA team convert it to fiat/crypto and send to recipient

:fire: We already have a 2 open projects –

:one: https://foundation.xdna.io/request/28/a-small-family-needs-help-and-support

:two: https://foundation.xdna.io/request/30/soi-dog-foundation

:WeeWoo: BOTH of them needs help. Explore them and try to help with some XDNA. Even 1 XDNA will be useful for one in need !!!

Be kind&Helpful with :logo_XDNA: XDNA!