Good day dear :XDNA: Community!

Our project was listed on NovaExchange:

1. :BTC: https://novaexchange.com/market/BTC_XDNA/

2. :DOGEC: https://novaexchange.com/market/DOGE_XDNA/

NovaExchange is old and experienced figure on the market. They were big on the crypto scene before last crypto boom in 2017 and was in place like Cryptopia or Bittrex, known as “many altcoin pairs exchange”. This Exchange was closed for several months in the beginning of 2018 and re-open with new investments, branding and quality.

We are more than happy to get listed on this exchange.

Statements in crypto is not welcome, you know. If someone told me June/July 2018 that Cryptopia will be closed without any refund – I wouldn’t believe in that for 99% and XDNA project could save almost 97 500$ which was destroyed regarding listing fees and support levels on Cryptopia. But here we are. So I will not state “NovaExchange is safe place for your funds – deposit your btc and xdna to explore new market” . But it’s nothing compare to newly created exchanges in terms of trust from my point of view.

Be alive with :XDNA: XDNA