XDNA progress report

Good evening XDNA Community.
It’s been a while since our last project report.
Few weeks ago we organized a team chat to speak about current situation with XDNA project. At this moment we pass through a very tough time, there is Cryptopia still not release our pair live , project funds are almost out and we were unfortunate with promote and development the main charity platform for mases. So as a result, we don’t have a complete and simple use-case for XDNA coin, even if it was most innovative coin project in last year and many new projects use our open-source features which we bring to the market. But, we are not ready to give up and we cannot afford to disappoint our main holders and initial investors.
Because of that, we decide to freeze Charity domain for a while (not close, but prologue development for last quarter of 2019) and switch our forces for two new domains:
1. “World Genealogical (Family / Generic) Tree” Short description: The idea is to create a worldwide database of people with practical use and benefit for all project participants. As it is seen in general. Information should be divided into several levels. The first level is the individual. The second level is a family, a particular person is included in a certain family. The third level is the genus. Families are united in childbirth. The first registrant can create a family, specifying the ancestors (an unlimited number) in the form of specific people and + 2 generations ahead (children and grandchildren). From this particular person can build a tree chain in the “classic family tree.” The one who creates the records receives and the ability to edit / fill out information.
2. Together with our new developers – @Raphy Zoe&Bianca & @robert_skadev we decide to help people of Venezuela digitalize their Bolivars to crypto and create a comfort & simple exchange for it. – http://fiatnex.ml/
You can currently register, and the exchange system through fiat currency, CURRENCY = FIAT or FIAT to CURRENCY are enabled it is possible to send balance between users with any of the enabled currencies by just using the user’s name we enable a voucher system, it works as a kind of gift card code, it can be sent to any user in any currency and the balance will be added to your account Currently a shopping system is enabled, the idea is to integrate the balance with external payments through the api, to be able to process payments for services or products such as the mn It is still a function that we are testing, The most certain thing is that it will be disabled by Robert until we finish stabilizing it completely at this moment we only need to enable the recharge method to process the deposits and withdrawals of xdna and the other currency in a semi-automatic way since it would be processed manually auditing the funds in a secure way fiat currency deposits to make shipments or exchange balance we are making some adjustments to try to work with payeer and / or coinpayments / blockchain in this way we would automate the recharge process using fiat currency soon after finishing we would only create an extra and Spanish database to work with fiat BS Venezuelan users the original site is fiatnex.ml temp
Store your money securely and exchanged for local currency We present a tool that allows the sending of money instantly through a payment system for XDNA, MCPC, BTC, LTC and ETH!
On top of simple exchanger service we will also add a cryptocurrency exchange. This is a very tough road, since dozens crypto exchanges appears from all over the places and you really need dozens of money to successfully promote it at least to cmc top 150 level – but we are not gonna say that we want this exchange become a new “binance” or something like that. We will find a special niche for that product and many upcoming reports and announcements will be about that area.
Next point which we want to optimize – is our team setup. Pretty obvious that many of team members are almost inactive right now. But we will not be hurry in this area. 1st we need to speed up the updates on roadmap/website and whitepaper and adding this two domains into our short-list, and then actually find a way for funding the development process. Some amount was already donated from XDNA Founders team personal pockets, but it is not enough. We will keep our community updated regarding this development process both Geological Tree project and Fiatex.
Be adaptive with XDNA!