XDNA Project update – new services!

Good day :XDNA~1: XDNA Community!
Project update
:calling: 1. We create and launch new payment-module. Mobile Crypto Payment – XDNA MCpay.
It is a gateway to recharge any mobile account in XDNA cryptocurrency.
Now our community could spend XDNA coins not only for exchange or some unique cases, but for such a common thing like mobile number recharging!
Works worldwide.
Exchange ratio base on current exchange rate. Temporary max limit – 50$ per operation. If system will be out of funds it will show you a warning before exchange operation.
:desktop: 2. As we promise, we release new VPS hosting platform.
It is not special masternode hosting platform (like GIN, GTM or SS) – more like a simple version of VULTR.
We aware, that many project in masternode market release their hosting platforms or staking platform or any other platforms for same purpose.
XDNA VPS rent features:
– simple vps server with 3$ per vps in XDNA.
– no advertising, no wishes to become “largest of largest service”
– no marketing, no bullshit.
If you just want to rent a vps server and dont have a problems – try our platform.
Direct link: https://vps.xdna.io/ (no promo code or referral links as well)
:link: 3. PoS system almost ready.
We will keep you updated about last stages of development through discord server.
:tools: 4. We considering a project re-branding and launch a new discord server to activate community activity on it. What do you think about this Idea ? Share your opinion in our social media please.
Be spendable with :XDNA~1: XDNA