XDNA Team grow and more news about development!

:505425054604066836: We have created a new category in our discord channel – Development Sneak Peak with 3 sections:
:Tick: – Applications & Products #
:Tick:– Marketing stuff #
:Tick:– XDNA Products #
:Wowhead: We will Publish every week our live development duties. :that: To make our work more transparent for you,
as well as to be able to hear your opinion, whether we are going in the right direction. :CoolSmokingface:
Our community should be aware of what we are working on, how our marketing and development is progressing. :logo_XDNA:
We also bring to your attention our updated team in the #👥team section!
And glad to welcome the new members!
:flag_1161: PR, XDNA – @ayamaka
:flag_1161: General marketing & PR assistant – @Hitman420
:flag_1161: PR, Foundation – @RivAngE
:flag_1161: Platform tester – @1q1
We are sure that together we will make our project successful and prosperous in the crypto world! :rocket~1: